What is Hatha Yoga Teacher Training?

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training is great for balancing your energies

The union of the feminine and the masculine

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training is a term that we use to finally bring together almost all styles of Yoga Teacher Training (Yin, Ashtanga, Vinyasa ...) since it includes both physical movements of the body (asana) and techniques of breathing (pranayama). By bringing these two aspects together, Hatha Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh prepares the body for stillness, mental clarity, a move to another level of consciousness and of course ... for meditation.

The word "ha" means sun, "tha" means moon. "Hatha" is, therefore, Yoga Teacher Training which brings balance between the sun and the moon in us. We are all made up of these two energy forces (sun/moon, shadow/light, Yin / Yang ...)

The sun or “Ha” represents, in particular, the day, the yang, the male energy, vital, warm, active, external, it is the conscious mind.

The moon or “Tha” represents the night, the yin, the feminine energy, the mind, the intuition, the cold, the passive, the introspection, the depths ... the subconscious.

We need both to function and move forward in alignment in our lives. It is this balance of feminine and masculine energies that allows us to reach our full potential.

A discipline of body and mind

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training is, therefore, a discipline (but above all a way of life) which aims to heal and balance the body and the mind. It is a question of accepting, of recognizing these parts of us, which are sometimes contradictory, in order to find a point of balance.

It is in this harmony that we find the space necessary to calm the mind and that we gain more clarity.

To give you a better idea of what to expect during a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training class, we can say that it is rather a gentle Yoga Teacher Training that focuses on static poses. It is an ideal practice for beginners, although it can also reserve beautiful physical challenges and a real mental overcoming.

If we are able to train our bodies to perform postures, we can do the exact same thing to increase our awareness. It is a real process: we start with the body and the breath, to work on the mind and finally allow a connection to an inner “me”.

Most of the time, we find in a session:

- breathing techniques

- a slight warm-up

- then more physical poses that help improve balance, flexibility and strength

- We end gently with a short meditation session.


Emphasis is placed on the connection with the breath, it is a question of coming to become aware of the breath and of seeing its incidence on the various postures and the interior state. For more experienced Yogis, it is also good to resume a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training practice, to review the alignments in each pose and re-anchor in the present moment.

By soothing mental restlessness, you can replace negative or uncomfortable thinking patterns with inner stability, which will allow you to feel more in tune with yourself. In Hatha, we work not only on postures with the body, but also and above all on peace of mind.


Practice will allow you to relax, developing a feeling of global alignment. Above all, it will allow you to become aware of something bigger than you ... to which you are and have always been connected :)


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