How to prepare for RYG sunbathing?

Proper tanning preparation will not only accelerate them, but also avoid burns and irritation on the skin. If you want to have a healthy, slightly sun-kissed complexion in summer, start right away. Then the beautiful, tan tan will stay on the skin for a long time.

The sun, which you have been waiting all year, accelerates skin aging, dries out, causes discoloration . What exactly happens to the skin under the influence of the sun? UV radiation releases more than usual amounts of free radicals - oxygen molecules that attack almost all tissue components and cause damage to the body. They work on the genes found in every cell. Minor damage accumulates and may eventually lead to the damaged cell becoming cancerous ( skin cancer ).

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Table of Contents

  • The diet will prepare the skin for sunbathing
  • Who is the sun not for?
  • Contraindications for tanning
  • Do not regret the skin's protective creams
  • Excessive tanning

UVA rays reach up to the level of the dermis, causing adverse changes in fibroblasts - the cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin fibers form a mesh that forms a scaffold for the structure of the epidermis. Thanks to them, the skin is firm, taut and elastic. Fibroblasts also produce natural enzymes that regulate skin regeneration. Under the influence of UV radiation, these enzymes overactivate, resulting in too many of them. They begin to destroy collagen fibers, then the skin loses its firmness, deep wrinkles appear . On the other hand, elastin fibers are deformed under the influence of radiation. How to reduce the negative effects of UV rays, if you still want to sunbathe?

The diet will prepare the skin for sunbathing

It is worth to think in advance, preferably about 2 months before the holiday, about a proper diet. The diet should be rich in antioxidants that protect the skin against the effects of free radicals - when a molecule encounters a free radical, it combines with it, neutralizing it.

One of the most powerful antioxidants is beta-carotene . Unused by the body, it accumulates gradually - first in adipose tissue, then in the epidermis. Its greatest treasury is orange and red fruit and vegetables: carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin, red pepper, apricots, peaches, oranges.

Who is the sun not for?

People with numerous features of black and dark brown, especially convex, unevenly colored, should avoid tanning. Even with short exposure, they must use creams with a maximum protection factor. Even before the vacation suspicious changes should be shown to a dermatologist. He will determine which ones to remove.

Suns should also be avoided by people with fair skin, prone to burns . Adolescents treating acne are also exposed to the harmful effects of UV radiation . Preparations used in the therapy of this disease - both topical containing retinoids and antibiotics, and oral (tetracyclines, isotretinoin) - increase sensitivity to UV rays.

Contraindications for tanning

Check to see if any of the cream ingredients you use contain retinoids (retinoic acid, i.e. tretinoin, retinol, except for retinaldehyde) or hydroxyl acids (AHA - e.g. glycolic acid, malic acid, lactic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid , or BHA - salicylic acid). If you have used a cream with one of these ingredients so far, you should give up before summer. The skin treated with acids becomes thinner and softer, and therefore more susceptible to the adverse effects of sunlight - there is a risk of discoloration.

Avoid some dermatological and cosmetic treatments. Just before the sunny season, do not cut birthmarks (unless your doctor thinks it absolutely necessary). Do not go to laser treatments , microdermabrasion , chemical peels , because they irritate the skin, which becomes more sensitive. After them, you need to carefully protect the skin from sunlight, which is not always possible.

If you are taking birth control pills , sunbathe in moderation, protecting your skin with a high filter cream . The combination of oral contraception with excess sun increases the risk of skin discoloration. Photosensitizing reactions can also be caused by drinking St. John's wort, taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, some antibacterial agents (Metronidazole, Biseptol) and antidepressants.

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